Hi everyone. I hope your all great. As most know I have just had a beautiful baby girl. It’s been such a journey so far But, today I’m writing to give you all the inspo you need for a practical guide of buying what you need for your baby.

Now if your looking for a sponsored post with every latest gadget so far then unfortunately here’s not the place… This is the no frills attached list of buying for your new arrival. You might here me say practical the whole way through 🤣🤣.

Best buys:

1. Nuk baby bottles and soother:

These non fussy range of baby bottles are the perfect starter pack to get you going. I picked the neutral range but they also do lots of fun designs. No leaking, easy clean, good value and my little lady took to them immediately. Also available in mist places so easy pick up on the go with out worrying a shop won’t have your particular type. It helped that my hospital used this range too so Eden used from birth.

2. Munchkin steraliser

My god when I say this is THE BEST I really mean it. Firstly it fits 9 bottles with all its extras, really easy clean as it’s round basic design offers a easy surface to wipe. No little awkward areas to scrub. It’s super quick too. The whole bunch of bottles and soothers are done in a few short minutes and ready to go. I just live for it. It is so spacious that even the most unconventional style bottle will fit right in. It’s fantastic. Available on Amazon. Click here for link

munchkin steraliser

3.Moses basket:

Yes basic as it sounds it’s handy to keep baby right beside you for the first few weeks. My daughter is 8 weeks old now and I’m thinking she might out grow it in the next 4 weeks. So allow a good 3 months to pop it beside the bed to mind your new baby through out the night. I’m not a mammy that wanted to co-sleep so this suited me perfect. I know you can buy next to me cribs but truth be known they are crazy expense and I don’t think the give too much more time if baby grows quick. So it’s really up to the parents and what they have budget wise. Aldi do a very inexpensive one. Keep your eyes peeled.

4.Babylo elly baby bouncer:

This is the ultimate comfort bouncer for your newborn. It’s nice and low to the ground and soft support that grows with baby. You can sit them in this from day one with ease. Some bouncer chairs I don’t think cater for that new baby experience. They are too high or hard on them. I lived this one. She uses it daily.


I picked up the angel care monitors. I wanted peace of mind when I eventually put my daughter to her cot that it will notify me of emergencies. Again I want routine and get her comfortable to sleep with out me with her but yet I needed to know she is safe. It’s very daunting for parents to let go of your baby eventually to there own room. The angel care monitors send an alarm for any reason baby may not be breathing. I just liked that extra comfort personally. Great sale on these in Argos right now too.

6.Buggie- stroller:

I got the bugaboo cameleon for my daughter. I loved the fun side of changing the look of the buggie with different fabrics ect…. however it’s not essential there are great alternatives than this expense. If it was me again I’d be buying a stroller that caters for a newborn up. Strollers are much more lighter, less bulk in your car boot when travelling and i just find I am already thinking of getting one for the summer. Once I do that I won’t use my bugaboo and I find it a bit of a huge waste. But hey a buggie while small is so brilliant to get out and about with for comfort for baby being the most important aspect.

7.Touch lamp:

You might be thinking what on earth this is not baby related? But hear me out. I bought myself a little touch lamp for beside my bed to help with night feeds. All I have to do is tap the base to give a perfect dim light to let me see what I am doing with out turning all the lights on and have her up thinking it’s day time. I also lived the ease tgat I don’t need to look for a switch or cable ect. Just a tap and away I go. I picked up this one in Argos for only €14.99 but I use it every day. It’s a great accessory for night feeds.

8.Baby caddy:

I was gifted this and by golly I just love it. I pack this up with all babies needs such as nappies, food, creams ect.. I bring it up to bed with me at night fully stocked and then I empty it and refil again the next morning for the day ahead . It’s just another helpful way to carry all the things we need when looking after our new babies.

9.Baby bath:

Basic but essential. I grabbed one in Ikea it’s perfect and only €8! Look at the non slip grips too.

10.High chair:

Speaking of Ikea I got this absolute bargain high chair that all my friends seem to have gotten to. Only €16 and clean and neat. Baby Eden is not in gets yet but it’s great little bargain and does what any other high chair does.

11.Play mat:

Perfect fun time for a new born, only €14.99 and can be used from birth. Allows tummy time and a place to give some colourful stimulation. I picked this one up in Argos by Chad valley.

12. Isofix car seat base and compatible car seat.

Another best buy… like this is the easiest systym for baby and mam. Click in click out no pulling or tugging straps and belts. It’s amazing. If your car is not able to support isofix you can get it installed. The kit costs 15 euro online and then what ever the mechanic charges which is very little to install, 5 mins and it’s done. I have the maxi cosi car seat with isofix base and my back thanks me for it and time and efficiency it’s Brilliant. You can pick these up in any baby store or try online like adverts or done deal as they are expensive.

I think these are my top 12 buys so far… I have a huge list of extras but I think you all know about these such as a changing unit, blankets, clothes all the stuff we don’t need much help with. Here’s a few tips I go buy with these basics.

1. Nappies- I buy on sale and in bulk so I never get stuck. I use pampers yet Aldi are a great equal if you ask me.

2. Cream- stick to non smelling, sensitive style creams suitable for your perfect baby’s skin. Nothing fancy.

3. Formula- we started on sma pro but changed to the sma comfort and she loves it.

4. Clothes- best places for baby clothes Dunnes stores, next, penneys, Tesco, h&m and tkmaxx. Online is great too. Keep to a few nice outfits and and few basics per size. Honestly clothes will be the most waste you will have.

I hope this helps. As you can see I tried to keep less fuss and waste and more practical and useful. I’ll keep adding to this and I’ll go through each item on my Snapchat if that helps.

My Snapchat name is @kimdempo.

My Facebook is @sosodempo.