Italian style chicken pasta dish 

Hi everyone, welcome back to Sosodempo! As requested I am posting a really yummy family favourite healthy chicken pasta dish! 

What you need:

6 chicken fillets – butcher

1 yellow pepper -lidl

1 red pepper- lidl

Plum tomatoes- lidl

2 bulbs of garlic- lidl

1 large bunch of basil- lidl

1 pouch of passatta -lidl

Jared gherkins -lidl

Dried/fresh pasta- lidl

Finely chop garlic,peppers and basil.

Chop chicken into chunks and then fry in frylight. 

Add the chopped garlic, peppers and basil and fry off lightly! 

Pour large passatta over it, simmer gently. 

Boil pasta separate until soft! 

Drain and add the pasta to the pan with the rest and your done! 

* you can add cheese on top to garnish! The boys love a bit of cheese in my house😅  

So it’s really that simple but so tasty! Feel free to screen grab and if you want a live demo head over to my snapchat story right now @kimdempo! But beware watching my snapchat story may cause you to run out and cook this immediately as you can practically smell a taste of Italy through the phone! 

Thank you all so much for popping over to the blog! 

Peace and pout xxx 


Freedom Makeup London

Hi everyone and welcome back to Sosodempo! This week I am reviewing the brand new “Freedom Makeup”. As you all know I love to find budget beauty brands (b.b.b) that work! I was so impressed earlier in the year when I got my hands on Makeup Revolution as it was so budget friendly yet it had a huge range of on trend beauty products. Some of these items have now became favourites of mine and I reach for them all the time. In particular there eyeshadow palettes. So of course when “Freedom Makeup” was launched as a sister brand I knew I was eventually going to be showing you guys thier products. Freedom Makeup promised to be as budget friendly as MUR however the difference is Freedom is it aims to specify to start up Makeup artists (like me) and helping them create a makeup kit with professional performance yet not breaking the bank! So here’s the question, does it live up to the hype? 
Here is a quick overview of the products I tried:


As you can see this lipstick collection is bold and as the title says ‘far away’. I think the texture of each lipstick us creamy with high intense colour. There are 5 colours in the collection,
1. Far away- purple/navy

2. Sky walker- silver/ grey

3. Storm trooper- white

4. Space luxe- gold

 5. The sith- black

All five have a high metallic finish and last well through the day. There are little glosses at the end of the lip sick to apply over for added intensity  ( not that it’s needed). These lipsticks are not for the faint hearted but I do think for festival season it’s a must for any working makeup artist. Personally I loved the quality but the colours are a bit wild so I have added the Bare collection ( five nudes) and the Pro Vamp collection (deep reds and purples) to my want list! In fairness at €6.95 for 5 lipsticks why not? 2. PRO MELTS €4.17 

These are intense! I found these a little hard to wear with my hair down as they stayed quiet wet while on the lips and in windy Ireland I found my hair constantly stuck to my lips  😀. These are thick and extremly pigmented so if it’s colour you are looking for  you will not be disappointed. I think we are just so used to matte that I have forgotten how gloss feels! 

These are a kit must have. In fairness I have no problem saying that I feel brow powders are all the same to me,it’s just the colours that differentiate each. FREEDOM have a huge range of brow powders and these powders will fill in your brows with a great finish! I need them all. 🤗


Wow! Absolutely love this! These concealer palettes have 6 creamy concealers that are great for obviously covering blemishes but also for carving out your brows and adding highlight under your eyes and t- zone. Overall these are so handy for even mixing colours to find the perfect shade of concealer for any skin tone. When pallettes are this great you just know you will repurchase this in the future. #multifunctional b.b.b 


These baked bronzers are subtle and perfect for adding warmth to your makeup look. The quality is finely milled powder and sits nicely on the skin. I am really impressed and the fun print is added points in my opinion! 


Saving the best till last. I am already half way through the bottle which is such a great sign. This keeps my makeup in tact all day long! It’s lightweight formula sits so kindly on the skin and acts as a anti shine barrier and of course “fixing” spray! The Pro Studio has so many luxurious sprays and lotions that I cannot wait to add to my collection. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, always use a setting spray to ensure lasting power. Think of it as makeup insurance, and I highly recommend this one! You need it! 

Come follow me on Snapchat @kimdempo you will be sure to see me use these products and lots of other new products that I am trying out! Snapchat is my favourite 😘. 

I want to thank the fabulous @mattetometallic team for sending me these products to try out. These ladies are taking makeup social media by storm. Make sure and follow both ladies on Snapchat @jennydonohoe283 and @ciciclinton. Also for a full list of freedom Makeup stockist in Ireland head over to thier exciting blog 
As always a massive thank you guys for popping over to my blog! I hope you found this post helpful. Feel free to share it among your friends and hit the like button! Chat to you again soon @sosodempo
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Top 5 style trends of 2016!

Hi everyone and welcome back to sosodempo! Style is always changing and sometimes it’s totally for the best so here is my top 5 styling trends of 2016 so far!


These beauty’s are going nowhere and you can gaurentee that I will be wearing these especially comming into autumn/ Winter! They give that edgy vibe that I just love. Both these chokers are from @asos. 

Lace ups:

Sassy and trendy, Lace Ups are my absolute favourite new shoe trend. There is something quiet demanding from a great pair of lace ups and they compliment all styles. These are the one shoe style that can make something look girlie, expensive, sexy & edgy! They are  the “it” shoes for me right now! Both these pairs are from and they are so fab! 
The bomber:

The bomber jacket is the latest style to catch my attention. The fab prints and all the the gorgeous details just have me craving a few of these for my wardrobe… these two beauty’s are from and are only €20! 

Denim on Denim:

 Denim on Demin has all of a sudden became an easy go to look! Pair it with heels just like Kim Kardashian or team up with some trendy flats to look super polished and styled on trend! 

Off the shoulder:

Off the shoulder is so pretty! It’s been one I have battled with as it does take the correct the underwear yet believe me when I say this is so gorgeous on practically every shape that I think all the ladies need this style. Bye bye cleavage, hello shoulders 😍😍. These two options are from @Newlook

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Easy steps to making friends! 

It’s never too late to start over. If your not happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck. Do better!

Hi everyone and welcome back to Sosodempo. It’s a tough topic to talk about as many of us like to portray an image of fun, happiness and success, but this week I am going to talk about being lonely. I have found as I have become an adult and the more relationships I make with People, the more I hear and see a repetitive topic crop up in life conversations, and that is people being isolated and lonely. I often get told “oh your so lucky to have friends” and “oh you wouldn’t understand as you seem to have loads of friends”. Okay maybe I am not in this position at this time but it doesn’t mean that I don’t see it and that I also want to see if being more aware and open minded can maybe help people who are finding themselves part of this extremely common situation. The reason I keep calling it a “situation” is because I believe in change and I believe that all people have qualities to barter with! 

I’ve often tried to think of why in adult years this loneliness is more prevalent and I personally believe that this fast paced world of modern living has lessened the opportunities to interact. For someone who may be a little quieter that can be detrimental to creating personal bonds with people a.k.a Friends! For example when we were younger, everyday we had the opportunity to meet people in school, if we disagreed at times it did not last long as we had to return to the school the next day and start again. It was the perfect place to create friendships as the probability of alot of people in one place would mean more chance of getting along with someone. But as an adult we might not get that forced social gathering. We might work in small environments or alone where the chances of meeting people are small. We might miss the friends that we once had and because we were maybe hurt in the past as an adult we remember more and maybe are less likely to put up with poor behaviour, which don’t get me wrong that really is not a bad thing at times, obviously I advise to protect yourself. However sometimes friendships can fall apart over issues that looking back may be smaller that you thought at the time or at least given half the chance you may have handled it different? 

I feel that social media forms have at times taken over the “real life” social gatherings. No longer are we meeting on the play ground or at the local community centre or even the pub on a Saturday night! Now we find ourselves portraying a busy, fulfilled and happy life, all through the the power of social media. But what is left when that is all taken away? I am pro social media obviously “I am Sosodempo, the Irish Beauty & Lifestyle blogger ” of course 😅. I have written blogs in the past that replicate this, I don’t want to go too deep into this right now. What I actually want to focus on is finding the “healthy balance”. Life is of upmost importance,we only get one! So if we find ourselves unhappy and feeling lonely, why not take the risk on ourselves and maybe try again at this whole daunting world of making friends. I have thought about this for along time now and I have written down a few key suggestions to what I think might help. 

#1. Positive Thinking:

  • I know it’s a cliché but as I have said before there is a reason why things are repetitive, maybe it’s because they work. So here’s my first suggestion,start with being positive toward change. Maybe I would suggest that if you find yourself thinking ” she has no idea” or “you don’t understand” or your feeling like no one understands your feelings, believe me when I say this, you are not the only one feeling like this! No matter what you think. It is extremely common and definitely something that is in all aspects of life. The reason you feel like you are alone is because it is covered up well by most and therefore there is an illusion created that it does not exist.
  • Believe that people are open to maybe being friendly with you, because again they probably are! Often too many of us sit back and wait and the reality of that is,if we all sit back and wait none of us will get anywhere. Be proactive. 
  • Build trust with people before you bitch with them. This is one tip that is super important. Not everyone enjoys a bitch or gossip about others. But also the person you think gets your point maybe actually does not and does not tell you this. So let’s just leave the bitching or gossiping to the side for now. 
  • Let me remind you that you are worth it. You deserve to have friends and there is nothing wrong with you. It’s all just the way in which you approach it  there is room for us all. Go and get ’em! 

#2. Where to try:

So briefly I spoke about the school yard earlier and how it was a great way of getting in contact with people. Now we need to identify where we can replicate  that being an adult. 

  • Firstly I suggest a group sport or group activity for example a walking group, dancing, fitness classes, swimming. If your not sports driven how about a book club,or cards club or even a local committee. 
  • Volunteer with charity? Now here is a perfect way to meet people with interests like you, and you get to do good too. 
  • How about get in touch with old acquaintances? We offer overlook what’s in front of us. Maybe put the past behind you and “think positive” just say to yourself ” I want to have some fun, why not”. 
  • Go to parties and concerts/ festivals etc. This is the ideal time to have the ( craic, banter or the Lol’s). They might be exactly where everyone your age might be. You’re welcome ticket master 😅😅🤗

So now that we have believing in yourself and where to start covered now I want to start with 

#3 How to approach people/ your approach:

  • Be friendly- if you are looking for friends  to sit and listen to your problems now is definitely not the time. In the future yes maybe but initially not now. Be approachable and don’t be afraid to smile. 
  • Don’t be afraid to start up conversation. Ask them questions like “how are you?”. This is always a handy one as people like to feel like they are important to you. We all do infact. But maybe let them try and speak about themselves. Often I find I have gotten nervous in the past meeting someone new and not intentionally I have went flat out talking 100 miles an hour, the poor person has found it very overwhelming and I of course got embarrassed. I don’t mean it, it’s just nervous babble but it can come across very selfish and that’s not what you want to portray. So if you can remember try play it cool there is nothing to be nervous about! They are human just like you. I promise you even people you think are extremely sociable still have those feelings too. So maybe watch someone you think is good with people and try pick up some tips or tricks. It really is the little things in life that makes things easier for you. 

So everyone basically what I am saying is to keep trying. If having friendships and people in your life is what you feel your missing then I suggest change it. When I say change it I don’t mean the person you are bit I do mean how you approach it and try the suggestions made. I gaurentee this will work if you stay positive. 

I believe in you so hopefully you start to believe in you too. #self belief. 

Best of luck on your new approach. It really will be the best decision you ever make. All you need is “someone to join in in your weirdness” lol. 

Shout out to all my friends. You all know who you are. I love you all. Thank you for reading today everyone. I genuinely enjoyed getting the chance to write such a post. Please come join me on my Facebook/ twitter and instagram @sosodempo. My snapchat is @kimdempo and you can come talk privately anytime with me. 

Let me end on one of my favourite quotes! In the words of toys tory “you’ve got a friend in me”…. 

Peace and pout xxx 

River island plus-Favourite sale peices

Hi everyone and welcome back to Sosodempo! Unfortunately for my pocket it’s summer sale time!!! This is just not ideal if your trying to save, but it’s a super time if you want to grab some bargains😀. River Island PLUS is personally one of the most exciting new collections to hit the online market in the past year so, I decided to pick my favourite sale items to show you all what bargains can be had! You ready! 

 First up is this gorgeous faux suede wrap skirt. I think it’s a wardrobe staple that can be worn all year round. I think it’s a bargain at €20.00. 

I really do not like the Stripped Waist Coat as part of a set But, I do love it with a plain tshirt or shirt underneath and a jeans. It’s eye-catching and I to be honest I am a sucker for anything nautical. Let’s not forget there is a full 50% off too, €35.00 is so reasonable for this!

This vibrant Green Wrap Skirt is so pretty! I do feel like it is only suited to Spring/Summer but I could see myself wearing this loads. Nights out, day trips and probably every day on my holidays 😄. For €18.00 I think this show stopper will be a great addition to your wardrobe. 

Last but not least this black lace up body suit is so on trend! It looks comfortable and the fashionable. This can go with almost anything so I feel this is also a wardrobe staple. At €14.00 it cannot be passed. I just love a bargain.  

You can find a these peices here ( just click on the blue) – River Island PLUS

These are just a few things I have caught my eye in the always fantastic River Island PLUS sale. I hope you find this helpful as sometime we forget all about the bargains and then miss out! Don’t worry there will be so much more fashion and style from Sosodempo so please keep your eyes peeled over @sosodempo on Facebook/ twitter and instagram. You can also see me live events over @kimdempo on Snapchat. 


Micro pedi Nano pedicure review!

Hi everyone and welcome back to Sosodempo. I have just had the best time making my feet look summer ready, all down to the Micro Pedi NANO foot tool. 
As you can see in the video after one use I have smooth skin with little effort. The Micro Pedi NANO was so easy to use and I felt no discomfort! It comes in three fun colours and can be found in pharmacies nation wide. It can also be bought online at Sam Mc Cauleys online pharmacy. It retails at €39.95 and is worth every cent. I will be using this tool regularly to keep my feet looking salon ready without the costs of a salon treatment. I would highly recommend this for you, or as a gift for a friend or family. It’s such a fab product I gaurentee anyone would be delighted with this as a gift! 

Thank you all so much for popping back to my blog, please be sure to find me on Facebook/ twitter & instagram @Sosodempo also come find me on Snapchat @kimdempo where you can see me have live videos daily. 

Chat soon guys, 

Peace and pout xxx ✌&💋

Beauty hacks that actually work! Easy!

Hey everyone and welcome back to Sosodempo! As you all know I am a huge believer in all things easy and effective, which means I am always trying out different ways to get what I need. Here are a few hacks / tricks I have tried myself and hopefully they will help you too.

Hack 1:

The root fix!

  • Do you suffer from the never ending battle of grey hair attacks on your hair? Well a simple quick fix to covering the greys is to get your eyeshadow and pat it onto to the root of the hair! You may think this is a useless tip but believe me it actually covers the greys well and it has gotten me out of a Pickle. You can also use brow products such as the brow powders there are just as effective!  

Hack 2:

Replacement for your shaving foam!

  • You need to shave your legs in a hurry but you have no shaving cream/foam? Don’t worry, conditioner will act just as good. It gives a lovely silky glide with the razor and yet has a heavy amount of moisture so the skin doesn’t feel dry or damaged.😀

Hack 3:

You bought the wrong shade Foundation!

  • Don’t worry if you feel your foundation is too dark, just mix some moisturiser with it. This will lighten the shade and hopefully match for you better. Be careful to not add too much as it can make the foundation coverage lessen.

Hack 4:

Best Mascara tip!

  • Heating your mascara before using it will make the liquid easier to apply and overall give better results. It even helps with enhancing the curl of your lashes. I pop my mascara in my bra for a few minutes before use and I love the consistency of the product. Yes this sounds strange but believe me it works.  😄
    Hack 5:
  • Natural makeup remover!
  • Removing makeup can be a nightmare, especially with out some of the heavy duty makeup removers that can cost a bomb! However don’t forget about coconut oil. It’s so mild on the skin and most of us have it in our press. You will not be disappointed. It gives a fab clean to the skin and removes the toughest mascaras and liners. 

Hack 6:

Tan eraser:

  • I have tried and tested this hack. Not only is it good for mistakes, it’s also great for removal of tan in general especially when we get to that awkward patchy fade away stage. 

Hack 7:

Reverse Washing

  • If your like me and get greasy hair quick I suggest you try my most reliable hack of reverse washing! Basically you Condition your hair before you Shampoo it! That way you get all the elements of a conditioner but you also get the deep scrub on the hair from the shampoo without going and applying more products like conditioner after the clean. I find my hair much fresher and I get longer out of it. So no mire avoiding creamy products like conditioner, just use it first and wash all the residue away. Simple with best of both! 

Hack 8:

Making the most of perfume samples:

  • This is one of my favourite hacks. I have so many perfume samples and I just love them but I just can’t splurge at the time so cleverly I add the perfume to the body moisturiser I am using at the time! It really works and the scent stays all over your body it’s so fab!!! Talk about making something work 😄.

So that’s it guys. Really simple tricks that I have tried and tested and found to be super handy! Will you be trying these out? What’s your favourite hack? Let me know. Come find me on Facebook/ twitter and instagram @sosodempo. Come join me on Snapchat too @kimdempo I’d love to have you join in. 

Peace and pout everyone xxxx ✌&💋

What’s comming from Penneys! Get ready for this!

Hi everyone and welcome back to Sosodempo!
So Penneys have just launched there Autumn/Winter 2016 pieces and my God can I just say I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED!
They have got some gorgeous stuff that I am going to really find hard not to run out and buy! I have been glued to updates about this launch and there is  actually far to much to include all the favourites in one post so I just went with what caught my eye first!


Starting with this show stopper! Like this looks completely designer worthy yet here it is hanging proudly with a Penneys label. It’s an embroidered sheer sexy dress and I love it!


Again these do not look like they belong on the racks of Penneys yet here
they are fluffy and shameless. “Pink to make the boys wink maybe?”… Very bold shoes that have the potential to jazz up any outfit!


Shoes again! These are killer heels in all the right way! Metallic caged heels looking fierce and on trend. Again complete show stoppers!


I am a sucker for leopard print and I have a funny feeling these chunky buckle clasp Sandle will definitely be on my feet! They are my favorite of all.


These shoes in particular seem to be the “crowd favourite” and of course I can see why. Classic black stiletto with oriental embroidered flowers!!! So pretty!


I could wear this over and over! With blue,black or white skinny jeans… A trendy jumper is a must for winter!


These are so sparkly I have decided to name them “the diva” shoes. They demand attention in a glitzy show off way and I love them. These are so fab especially comming into Christmas season( dare I say that this early in the year 🤗).


Trench coat in deep khaki green. This is a full lenght heavy duty winter coat, yet with the gold buttons it reminds us that the added little touch is very needed to break the gloomy look this coat could give. It really is ” the little things… ” that change something from drab to fab!


Home wear made a huge splash with rose gold and metallic accessories to bright crisp pillows and soft furnishings. I am not doing this homeware collection justice as I feel there was so much to include. I will come back to it and it will pay a lot of attention to all the new candles and scents for the comming season. Eeek.

Okay so there it is… are you as excited as me??? Do I have to mention, Penneys prices make me happy, so when I see trends and risky peices I am willing to give it a try at that price! So I thank Penneys for allowing me to try different looks without breaking the bank!
Come on over to snapchat where you will see me having live chats… You will find me @kimdempo. My instagram-twitter and Facebook are all @Sosodempo!!!

Sleek, Wet and Wild & Physicians Formula event

Hi everyone and welcome back to sosodempo.
So if you were following me tonight on Snapchat you will have seen that I was an attendee at the fab Sleek, Wet n wild and Physicians Formula event held in the really lovely Medley bar and restaurant on fleet Street, Dublin.  I have never been to this venue and I have to say it really was cool and somewhere I would definitely recommend for yummy food and cocktails. Here are a few snaps I took of the night.


Of course Sam ( Champagne and high heels) & myself went together. You can see our full night live over on my snapchat story Now @kimdempo. Continue reading